Furniture Rental


Rental vs Purchase

We no longer offer a showhouse rental option, but do you realise there are a great many benefits of owning your furniture, particularly when provided by a company with low overheads such as Ziboh Interiors?

Disadvantages of rental

  • A rental company will naturally favour goods already sitting in their own stores.
  • You are often paying to rent ‘second-hand’ furniture that has come out of someone else’s showhouse.
  • If your development sells quicker than expected, the remaining installments of a fixed rental agreement will still be payable.
  • If your development does not sell by the end of the minimum rental period, you will either have to continue paying further rental installments, or face having the showhouse emptied earlier than desired.

Advantages of purchase

  • Brand new furniture provided to you every time.
  • Furniture proportions chosen to specifically suit the room sizes.
  • The entire contents of your showhome become a depreciable asset.
  • You can sell items to your purchasers, to recoup all or some of your initial outlay.
  • Buyers of the showhome often purchase the contents as well, because they want a complete fresh start.
  • By owning the furniture, you are free to move everything to a new plot should the showhome sell first.
  • Owning showhouse contents saves you the expense of buying pieces again for future developments.
  • You are not tied into a fixed term rental agreement, which is especially good if you unsure how long your development will take to sell.
  • We can offer a removals and storage service if you do not have your own storage facility.
  • Ziboh’s cloud-based stock management system ensures your furniture will not disappear into the dark corner of a storage room, but be given priority in future showhouse schemes.