Removals and Storage

Safe and sound

Showhouse removals

We are able to undertake showhouse removals for our clients. The contents can either be taken to your own storage facility, or we can arrange short / long term storage on your behalf. All removals are undertaken by our experienced showhome installation team. The utmost of care is taken and all items will be fully insured whilst in transit and also whilst in storage if we have arranged this on your behalf.

If required, we can supply boxes and bubble wrap at cost.

Cloud-based stock management

Every item of furniture & soft furnishing is photographed and measurements taken so we can create a detailed inventory of your goods. This is then entered into our bespoke stock management software, which is cloud-based, enabling the client to have full online access 24/7. Accessories are not listed individually as they are too numerous, but boxes will be numbered and an account made of their general contents.

When asked to design future showhomes for you, we will always ensure your stock is prioritised in those schemes, to keep costs down for you.