Why furnish a show home?

As one of your most important sales tools, a furnished show home enables your buyers to envisage what their new home could look like. Executed correctly, it helps to excite people into wanting one of your properties as their home and showcases the quality of your development and your company.


How much will it cost?

How much is a car? Obviously, that would depend on whether you’re after a Rolls Royce or a small runabout. Do you want a basic model, or all the bells and whistles. It’s the same with a show home. You’re in control, so you decide on a budget that’s right for you. As a guide, a fully-furnished 1-bed flat would start at around £5000.

Aren’t I just pouring money down the drain?

Absolutely not. It is no different to paying an estate agent, local advertising, having a brochure printed, or landscaping your development. Just as those expenses are spread across the whole development, so is the cost of a showhouse.

A showhome’s purpose is to sell the entire development, not just the showhome.

What’s included?

This is up to you. Opt for a fully-furnished showhouse, or just part-furnish it, depending on your budget. It can be dressed to the hilt with accessories, or just enough to make the property homely and welcoming. You can have curtains & blinds, or leave windows bare.

Furniture rental

We no longer rent out furniture. However, there are many benefits of owning your showhouse contents, particularly when provided by a company with low overheads like ours.

  • Brand new furniture is provided to you on every project.
  • Furniture proportions suit the room sizes – nothing too big nor too small.
  • Your showhouse furniture & contents become a depreciable asset.
  • You can sell items to your purchasers, to recoup some or all of your initial outlay.
  • You are free to use your own furnishings again and again in future developments.
  • No rental agreement tie-ins, which is especially beneficial if you unsure how long your development will take to sell.

Client’s furniture stock management

For clients who have existing furniture for re-use, we can manage this stock for you. Each item is photographed and measured, and the data entered into our stock management software. Being cloud-based, this allows the client to have online access 24/7.

When asked to design future showhomes for you, we will always ensure your stock is prioritised in those schemes, to keep costs down for you. If you wish to conduct your own removals, we can come into the property before it is emptied to make a detailed inventory.

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