Why Have a Showhome?


You wouldn’t put on a suit and not bother with a tie and shoes. So why do that with a property you are presenting for sale?

A showhome is not just a selling aid for you, it is a vital tool for buyers to help them envisage what their new home will look like. You can be in control by setting a budget that’s right for you, and even the style, if you wish.

Don’t think the cost of a showhome has to be applied to that one property.

Just like your brochure, signage, sales staff, estate agency fees, local advertising and site landscaping, a showhome is part of your overall marketing budget, the cost of which should be spread over the entire development. So for a £10k showhome on a development of 5 apartments, just add £2k to the price of each and your showhome is paid for.

What happens when you don’t have a showhome?

The cost of a showhome may seem a big dent in your pocket, but to not have a showhome at all can actually harm your overall profit margin, in the form of slower sales, and a lower perceived value of your product.

When people view your development they will also be looking at your competition. If other developers have a professionally furnished showhome, but you don’t, your development simply won’t be as appealing.

Your competition is not just other new-builds either, it’s the second-hand market too. As drab as you may think second-hand houses are, remember they are full of life because they are real homes rather than an empty shell.

It is a fact that unfurnished rooms appear smaller because it’s hard to imagine how furniture is going to fit into an empty space. Where does the sofa go in relation to the TV?… Will a 5ft bed actually fit in the master bedroom?… Is there room for a free-standing wardrobe?… Where will the kids do their homework?

Despite being brand new, your empty property with plain cream walls and neutral carpet lacks life and soul, and people can have trouble imagining it as their home. A poor first impression could result in that person never making the crucial return-visit to your development.

What happens when you do have a showhome?

Why do shops dress their windows? It is a channel of communication. It makes customers want to BUY!

A showhome is no different. It makes a great impression and it’s those first impressions that are critical in converting a sale. Whilst a house is certainly not an impulse-buy, walking through a beautiful showhome will trigger the right emotions in people.

A professionally designed showhome should appeal to a wide-range of people, reflecting the lifestyle and age group of those who you think will want to live at your development. It also spotlights your product, promotes the image of your company, and enables potential buyers to step inside the space and really imagine living there.

Even on the smallest of developments, the major housebuilders will always have a furnished showhome, because they have seen its effectiveness in turning the viewing-public into purchasers.

As well as turning an empty building into a happy home, a showhome will generate excitement in viewers, and become a talking point over dinner that evening in their own home. Showhomes make the visit to your development memorable and, with the umpteen magazines and TV programmes on interior design, people expect to the builder to demonstrate a showhome.

Why not have an informal chat with us? It will cost you nothing to have a quotation prepared for you, so you have nothing to lose in making that call.


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